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Using Stripe with WordPress (WP Meetup Talk)

For the Fresno WordPress meetup today, I went through an intro to Stripe, a demo of its dashboard, then a few ways to integrate Stripe plugins with your WordPress site. Gravity Forms When to use? When you need extensive forms and/or want to record each transaction as a form entry within your WP site. The Gravity…

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Developing a Simple WordPress Plugin from Scratch

Recently I walked folks through building a simple WordPress plugin from scratch at the WordPress Developers meetup in Fresno (my hometown). We went through how to build a plugin for taking donations, optionally with a Stripe Checkout overlay. Here’s the source code. Learning Resources As promised, here’s a list of resources to get you started…

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Stripe Checkout for WordPress

If you haven’t used Stripe for accepting payments online yet, you’re missing out on the best. Hands down. They take care of payment processing with minimal headaches and extensive developer resources. But they also have a beautiful checkout form you can start using right away on your site. Stripe Checkout was recently revamped with mobile optimizations…

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Pinterest Widgets WordPress Plugin

Update April 2015: My Pinterest WordPress plugins have been acquired, so they’re no longer under my ownership. When folks want to integrate Pinterest with their WordPress site, usually it’s a focus on the “Pin It” button, which is why I created the Pinterest “Pin It” button WordPress plugin in the first place. However, some people…

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