Business of WordPress Plugins

Bitwise Demo Day 3/31/16

It was a pleasure to do a short talk on who I am and what I do for my hometown Fresno peeps at Bitwise South Stadium. For those that attended thanks for coming out! Slides below.

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Optimizing Your Plugin Landing Page

When you create a free plugin and submit it to the plugin repository, you get the privilege of creating a landing page for that plugin. Technically it’s not the same as creating a landing page for your own site using whatever layout and styling you want. But it’s a landing page nevertheless. Whatever your plugin business…

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How I Grew Plugin Sales By 21% By Increasing Prices

Recently there’s been a lot of discussion on how to price your premium WordPress plugin. Chris Lema started it with WordPress Plugin Prices Are Too Low, and many comments followed. I followed up with Setting Your WordPress Plugin Prices, then Jeffro of WP Tavern, Chris Lema and David Peralty of Gravity Forms continued. Even more comments and discussion…

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