Business of WordPress Plugins

Simple Calendar Acquired by SureSwift Capital

I’m excited to announce that Simple Calendar has been acquired by SureSwift Capital. Why did my company (Moonstone Media) make this transition? In a word: Focus. For too long we’ve been trying to run two separate products: Simple Calendar (Google Calendar events for WordPress) and WP Simple Pay (Stripe payments for WordPress). In their current state,…

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Adding Software Licensing and Automatic Updates to a Premium WordPress Plugin

While developing a commercial WordPress plugin one element you’ll probably want to add is automatic updates for your customers. They’re used to it from free plugins in the repository, so why not make it an easy transition for them with your premium plugin. Why software license keys? To verify each install of your plugin…

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Optimizing Your Plugin Landing Page

When you create a free plugin and submit it to the plugin repository, you get the privilege of creating a landing page for that plugin. Technically it’s not the same as creating a landing page for your own site using whatever layout and styling you want. But it’s a landing page nevertheless. Whatever your plugin business…

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